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A Natural Hot Springs Private Resort

Solemar Del Pansol, Calamba, Laguna

(0917)534-3573 or (02)850-8791

email: AmelitaAldanese@Yahoo.Com

Residential Private Resorts

Solemar Southern Springs is a residential private resort company in Pansol, Calamba, Laguna. Pansol is located in the province of Laguna which is about an hour drive south of Makati.


Pansol is the home of the popular Philippine natural hot springs. The nearby Mt. Makiling provides the natural source of all the minerals and medicinal properties of the hot springs. Mt. Makiling is a mystical inactive volcano that has its' own story to tell.


At Solemar Southern Springs we bring nature to you in a very private resort setting. Our resorts are typical vacation residences of some of the affluent families in Manila that wanted to take advantage of the Natural Hot Springs in their own private and secured setting. These residences were built for their personal private use but are authorized for rentals to offset the costs of maintaining the properties. Our residential private resorts are rented out for day, overnight, weekend or for a whole week use. When you rent these residential private resort you have the option of renting just the bedrooms that you need or you can rent the whole entire house. These residential private resorts are also great venues for wedding receptions, parties, family reunions, company functions and seminars.


Our residential private resorts come equipped with swimming pools and jacuzzies filled with water from the natural hot springs for your ultimate swimming experience. The pools are emptied and re-filled on your day of arrival with a new batch of natural hot springs water to guarantee cleanliness and freshness.


So come experience, relax and enjoy your weekend or vacation with friends and loved ones at one of our private residential resorts.





Available Residential Resorts

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RESORT 2 - 12 Bedrooms/14 Bathrooms, All rooms with A/C, 2 Pools, Huge 75 Person capacity Function Room with A/C
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RESORT 1 - 6 Bedrooms/8 Bathrooms, All room with A/C 1 Pool, 1 Jacuzzi, Great 2 Level Patio for entertaining guests, Great Porch Views of Mt Makiling and Laguna Bay
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